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Tour Model including all items listed below plus our 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee. Special Bundle Price: 179.95 Now $147.95

Congratulations! You're about to make the best investment you've ever made for your game

Our 2015 model features all the latest innovations for improved performance, fitting and comfort. You’ll also enjoy two ground breaking DVD's that ensure you'll get immediate results and the tools to continue to take your game to successively higher levels. This special offer also includes our ingenious TourStop technology, a snazzy carry case, and support from our experts. This complete package is worth over $350. Order today and you'll get the entire package for only $147. Start by selecting the correct size for you.

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The Complete Swing Jacket

The Swing Jacket and Carrying Bag Value: $179.95
A Swing for Life DVD Value: $49.95
The Accelerator DVD Value: $49.95
TourStop Technology Value: $19.95

Telephone Support from our Expert Teaching Staff

The Swing Jacket and Carrying Bag

Swing Jacket Tour Model, includes our latest innovations for improved performance, fitting and comfort plus our designer carrying bag. Value: $179.95



We are so confident the Swing Jacket will dramatically improve your game, we are the only golf company to offer an unconditional 60day Great Swing Guarantee. And we’re the only company that backs our guarantee up with support from our expert instruction staff. If you are not hitting the ball better than EVER after you watch our DVD’s we expect a call from you. You will never really know how well you can play until you give the Swing Jacket a try. Order yours now.

s4l Bonus #1: A Swing for Life DVD We explain how the Swing Jacket trains your body to repeat the optimal bio-mechanical swing that will help you get the most out of your game. The DVD includes drills to practice at home and at the driving range to accelerate the pace of learning and to help you get the most out of your Swing Jacket purchase. Value: $49.95

Accelerator Bonus #2: The Accelerator DVD Tour Pros and top instructors interpret ball flight patterns to understand what's happening during the swing. Because the Swing Jacket limits the mistakes you can make we're able to provide you with some meaningful guidance on how to interpret your ball flight patterns. This DVD teaches you the secrets to understanding your results, allowing you to take your game to still higher levels. Now you'll know what to do if the wheels start to wobble mid-round. Value: $49.95

TourStop-300x222 Bonus #3: TourStop Technology TourStops are an ingenious enhancement to the Swing Jacket that allows you to customize your sessions to best suit your game. TourStops snap on to the rails and can be positioned to limit how far your arm cuffs can travel along the rail. A TourStop on the right rail will encourage you to make a full shoulder turn in your backswing. A TourStop on the left rail will encourage you to release the club properly and continue turning through impact (so you harness the full power of your core). Value: $19.95

phonesupport Bonus #4: Telephone Support from our Expert Teaching Staff We have a one track mind here at Swing Jacket - to make YOU a much better player. The Swing Jacket is going to deliver results far beyond what you're hoping for, when you follow the set up fundamentals and drills on our thoughtful training materials. If you find you're not hitting the ball better than ever please call us. If the Swing Jacket is not delivering great results it will be something minor in your set up that we can coach you through. Value: $49.95


Total Value of this Special Package $ 360.70

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